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Leadership Team

Churches thrive with leadership and empowering .

The leadership structure of Riccarton Baptist includes Elders and Ministry Leaders.

Elders seek to discern God's direction and values for the church. These are communicated to the wider leadership and church for dialogue and affirmation. Elders are appointed by church members at the Annual Meeting in November.

Ministry Leaders are appointed by the Pastoral Team Leader and Elders. Key qualities sought for in these people include a devotion to Jesus Christ and His Church, along with a passion for their ministry and an ability to develop a team to achieve their goals.

Anthony Rimell

Pastoral Team Leader

Hi, I'm Anthony. I was commissioned as the Riccarton Baptist Pastoral Team Leader in November 2012. I am married to Rhonda Rimell, and have three adult children.

Rhonda and I have a passion to see the good news of Jesus Christ cross cultural and other boundaries. We believe the good news is for all people. We see the role of the church as living out the message of the gospel, showing in word, sign and deed that God is willing and able to transform and restore His creation.

We count it a great privilege to be journeying in a church that is living God’s call to bring Christ to all the nations.

Phil Garrett


I believe that God is doing, and is going to do something even more amazing with the church at Riccarton Baptist and that I am being called into a leadership role in order to be a part of this, not just a person sitting on the side lines watching what He is doing.  He provided this word over me over a year ago but the timing was not right.  I am excited to be nominated this year and believe that as God leads us as a people He will strengthen our relationships within the church and also with the relationships in the community and extend our borders as he did for Jabez.

Colin Renouf


I am husband to Carol, dad to four adult married children and Poppa to six. I love the Lord and pursue a deep relationship with Him. I long for each one of us to experience a deep intimate relationship with God, being transformed by His great love. A love that frees, releases and makes us whole.

I am the caretaker at Riccarton Primary School and I enjoy being part of that school community. I enjoy practical work which is a large part of my role there, whether that gardening, maintenance or creating something that a teacher requires.

Ian Fowler


Age: 53 Married to Elaine for almost 29yrs with 3 adult children (Peter 24, Jacqui 20, Nicola 20) I have been a Christian for over 30 years being at RBC for all that time. I have been a youth leader, deacon, sound operator, mission team leader, involved with worship, and involved with church maintenance. I have a deep faith in Christ, with a passion to serve Him and His church. My desire is to grow even closer to Christ and to draw others to Him also. I want to see the church grow both spiritually and in numbers. I believe I have the God given gifting’s of Prophesy, Words of Knowledge, and Healings, yet I acknowledge that these gifts are from God and that without Him I am nothing. The Lord Jesus Christ is my guiding light through His Word and the promptings of His Holy Spirit. If anyone wants to know more they can speak to me in person. I am always very approachable.

Nigel Carter


I believe that God has a plan for each of us: As we make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit to transform our attitudes and exercise his gifts we are interconnected into a growing family. I believe the role of an elder has two parts. The first is to encourage the right people to take leaps of faith in the right direction and help them realise the dreams they have from God. This means to support initiatives that build relationships. The world will know we are Jesus disciples by our love for each other. Essential to this is creating and delighting in seekers of all ages and backgrounds, realising that we must all be on a journey towards God through Christ. The second role is a personal one. To pursue God, knowing his voice both in the quiet and the hearts of others, allowing his attitudes to change mine. For me both of these roles are ones I aspire to; callings that are worth spending my life pursuing.